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I will let you all know when I become a tattoo artist. Thanks for looking at my artwork :)
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Low Point

Posted by Permian-Extinction - May 6th, 2021

I am so sorry I haven't been posting.

This month has been the lowest month of my life.

The love of my life left me. I feel abandoned and I've never felt this before.

She is amazing and I hope her future stays bright. I wish things ended better but I don't have any Ill will towards her.

But fuck, I'm not doing well. I haven't drawn anything in a month. I haven't felt like it.

Haven't eaten much and been sleeping so much more too. And work is just so tiring.

But I'm making myself draw today and hopefully soon I will have something to show you all. Thanks for waiting around for me. I say it often, but I am so appreciative towards all of you guys. Thanks for sticking around and pushing me with my artwork.

I will be better soon. I hope you all are doing well <3

PS. I do have 2 gross mario and luigi drawings I made but idk if youd want to see them. Let me know


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Jesus man I was comeing here for quick laugh though you make me depressed I don't know you personally and why I can just say I have hopes of you being successful I wish I could help though i'm struggling as well as is also if you can help it don't take the corona vaccine for the love of us all

Thank you. I hope you get through your tough time too bud

Damn, I'm really sorry to hear that. Don't worry too much about the posting, though, just focus on getting past this bump in the road. Life can be a real a-hole sometimes, and you just need to sit down and regroup. I wish you the best of luck and hope you continue to stay strong while you do your best to move forward. Keep on keeping on, my friend.

Also, I'd really love to see those Mario and Luigi drawings if you feel up to posting them. Your art is top-notch and always makes my day a little better. :)

This comment had to be sent from heaven, thank you so much for your words friend :) I'm doing my best

I've never even seen your stuff before, but damn man thats tough. I hope you can get through it, Cuz I got hands meant for prayer, and ill pray for you.

Thank you so much, that's good to hear thank you

damn that is fucking tough im sorry to hear that :(

It’ll be okay. Thank you

You're in hell right now. The only way out is through a dark tunnel, but there's a train coming your way. All you can do now is let it hit you and then try to find your legs. I've bit hit by that train on two different occasions. It wasn't easy the first time and wasn't easier the second time. I'm still going though. You will too. Take all the time you need.

Thank you friend

Thats a bit messed up though that is a very epic and great analogy very cool advice

NG is always down for gross Mario and Luigi art! Hope things get better and better for you from here on out.

Thanks for your kind words, Tom

glad you're back dude.

Thank you, I'm tryin' to be more present. Thank you