I will let you all know when I become a tattoo artist. Thanks for looking at my artwork :)
If you are interested in Commission work, Please email me at Permianextinction2@gmail.com

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Hey everyone, I've missed you all! Sorry I've been away again for quite some time. I have been extremely busy this past month. It's just about all great news :)

I'll start from smallest to largest, ok, here I go.

So while I have been off work, I have spent every morning drawing in the coffee shop near my place. I love it there and we are all amazing friends now! So I was approached by my friend, the manager. She informed me that they have started a monthly featured artist for their 2 locations.

We both thought it would be really fun and cool if I was the featured artist for March!! I will have 5 original pieces for sale in the 2 coffee shops all through march. The pieces I chose to sell are my Pieces called Suppression (the deer wrapped in thorns from 2020), The Demon Blood Sword from last year, Billy's Sword Nothung from last year, and The Jake Sword that I haven't post on here yet, and last but not least, and one I will miss, Great Grey Wolf Sif that I finished near the end of last year! I'm very excited to have my work in some peoples houses coming up!

I did some album work for a pretty big band that I really like! I cannot post it yet as the album is not out yet and I don't think I can say what band it is. But I will let you know when I get confirmation from the recording label.

The next thing is probably the most important career change in my life.

I couldn't have done it without all of you guys following me and commenting on my artwork and pushing me forward.

I am now a tattoo apprentice at Hybrid Image Tattoo in Cincinnati :')

One of my dreams has payed off and I can't believe I'm in this position. It's both exciting and scary, but I am looking forward to everything coming! Just wanted to give you all another thank you for being for me through all of my sadness, happiness, life changes and everything. I do love you guys.

I'll keep you all posted about what's going on in the shop and what I've been learning and everything.

It's going to be tough to post more artwork on here since I am back to my normal job full time and then going to the tattoo shop on weekends to work there. So I don't have much free time anymore but I am going to work harder than I've ever worked in my entire life. Thanks guys :)


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